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2014 Ford Expedition: Lasts and Endures Through Your Road Adventures


Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

If you want a vehicle that can really go the distance, you want one that looks and is a vehicle that has what it takes to give you what you need without costing you too much to have. There are quite a few vehicles that would seem to fit the bill here, but rare is the model that will actually come through. The 2014 Ford Expedition is this model, and it serves as it should. Just look at it and ask yourself if this is a vehicle that can earn approval and respect from those around you and come up with a no. It would be difficult at best, especially considering the many other prospects that the features of this vehicle can offer you.

You can start appreciating the 2014 Ford Expedition when you look at its exterior features since apart from being particularly noticeable, you will also agree that this vehicle has toughness written all over it. It can take on pretty much any weather and terrain that you can throw at it barring the impossible. Its imposing size also makes it quite an asset when it comes to convincing people that you are worth noticing.

Though people might agree that exterior features set the tone, the interior features of the 2014 Ford Expedition is what gives it worth. You are getting much in terms of space, amenities and design quality, including the magnificent texture of the fabrics. Basically, what you get is an expedient driving experience that really goes for satisfying needs.

A powerful V8 is what beats as the heart of the beastly 2014 Ford Expedition, and you can feel every thrum of power coursing through it when you are driving it. The efficiency with which fuel is consumed is minimized as well, along with ensuring that handling is properly smooth.

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2014 Ford Expedition: Undeniable Engine Power and Towing Capacity


Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

Ford Motors are known provider of reliable vehicles with excellent features for safety and durability. Providing such standards and impressiveness is the 2014 Ford Expedition, an affordable and dependable truck-based SUV in the market today. Recognized by auto reviewers as the excellent full-size SUV truck by Ford, the 2014 Expedition provides dependable off-road experience with a powerful towing capacity. The Ford Expedition arrived in the market in 1996 and since then various configurations and upgrades in tuned with today’s technology has been utilized to modify the new 2014 Ford Expedition with strength and capability. The Ford Expedition provides comfortable seating arrangement in three rows for eight passengers. The first row has 108.3 cubic-feet of space, the second with 55 cubic-feet and the third with 18.6 cubic-feet.

For 2014, the Ford Expedition burst in power with its 5.4-liter V8 drivetrain that is capable of providing 310 horsepower. The engine is mated to an automatic suspension with 6-speed gearshift with brake trailer. The Ford Expedition has a maximum towing capacity of 9200 pounds which is impressive for the class. Test driver said that the 6-speed automatic gearbox provides smooth driving and that the independent rear suspension provides notable steering power.

The 2014 Ford Expedition also boost in standard entertainment features which include a 6-speaker stereo system, satellite radio, auxiliary input and MyFord’s Sync AppLink system that allows wireless Bluetooth connection for audio streaming and phone calling. Aside from this, the Expedition can also be configured with optional features like rear view camera, upgraded sound system, climate control, navigation control system and HD radio.

Safety measures inside the Expedition is handled by traction control, airbags, electronic stability control, integrated turn-signal mirrors, adjustable pedals, child safety locks and brake assist.

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2014 Ford Expedition: A Reliable Provider of Power and Conveniences


Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

For big families who are always on the road for vacations and pleasure trips, having a car that could seat enough people and be powerful enough to haul their gear is a true necessity. The good thing is that Ford has the right solution. This is through their newly released 2014 Ford Expedition. The kind of attention that this specific full-sized SUV have gained in the past is difficult to just set aside. People loved its power, capacity to offer lots of space, and the availability of comfort features. This year, the recently released model has all the much loved features retained. While there are lots of competitors in this category, this specific Ford SUV appears to be a strong contender against other full-sized SUVs out in the market.

The new 2014 Ford Expedition is definitely longer and wider. It has added around 15 inches to its length and 12 inches to the wheel base. While this may seem to be a thing that would give the car disadvantage in terms of handling, it proved to defy the odds. Because of this change, the car is able to accommodate more cargo space. Of course, its center of gravity has become more stable too which is a good thing for a road powerhouse weighing 6,000 pounds.

How powerful is this Ford SUV? In terms of passenger capacity, it could comfortably seat 8 adults. For towing, one will really be impressed at its towing capacity of 9,000 pounds. This is the result of the presence of a 310 HP 5.4L V8 engine under the hood which has a maximum torque output of 365 lb.-ft.

On the inside, it will be apparent that the contemporary design is dominant. The ambiance is totally matched for those who want to last through those long road trips. Seats are comfortable and the third row folds neatly to reveal additional cargo space. One of the selling points of the interior is the presence of heated/cooled front seats.

There are still many things worth exploring about the new 2014 Ford Expedition if you are really interested in owning a full-sized SUV. The King Ranch version of this car is the one that should really be checked out when you visit your local Ford dealer’s showroom. Get it out on the driving range and see how it would match your needs!

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2014 Ford Expedition: Passion for Confident and Comfortable Driving

Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

Combining driving confidence and a comfortable ride, the 2014 Ford Expedition proves to be one of the most capable and powerful SUVs in the market today. The Ford Expedition has enough muscle and spacious cabin to provide comfortable room for eight passengers with a towing capacity above to 8,000 pounds. The three-row 2014 Ford Expedition comes available in six spacious, capable and great models which include the XLT, XLT EL, Limited, Limited EL, King Ranch and King Ranch EL. On fuel efficiency, the Expedition is powered by a base 5.4-liter V-8 engine is EPA-rated of 14/20 mpg city/highway. The base engine has the power to provide 365 pound feet of torque and 310 horsepower. At four-wheel-drive, the Expedition gets an EPA fuel efficiency rate of 12 mpg city and 17 mpg highway.

Standing out on the exterior features of the 2014 Ford Expedition includes the rain-sensing wipers in the front, power liftgate, power-deployable running boards and the forward/reverse sensing system. Inside the Expedition you will find the power-folding third-row seat, cooled and heated front seats, rear vision camera, dual-headrest DVD powered by Invision, Navigation system thru Sirius App, HD radio and Sirius Satellite radio.

Different trims also come with different features aside from the ones stated above like the voice-controlled communication system thru SYNC, external security keypad, roof rack, power-adjustable pedals, 6-speaker audio and auxiliary to USB input. Optional features may include a 20-inch wheels, rear entertainment system, power running boards and air suspension integrated with automatic load levelling system.

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2014 Ford Expedition: Beyond The Pale

Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

Making sure that you can connect with other people on some level is important to be sure, but this does not mean that you should condemn yourself to being ordinary in every sense with your choice of vehicle being influence by what others think you should have or be driving. This means that in the event that you do not want to be in the same sphere of quality as others in terms of what you will be driving, you will have to make that decision yourself. Here to help you is the 2014 Ford Expedition where you are certainly free to make as many impulsive decisions as you like. With the exceptional features that the 2014 Ford Expedition can give you, one would think that the gorgeous example of an exterior that it comes with would be nothing more than icing on top of a very satisfying cake. But this is certainly not the case here since the exterior of this vehicle was made with several functional properties in mind with durability, stylishness and balance being just a few.

But those are only a few of what can be expected out of the 2014 Ford Expedition since there are certainly more to it than meets the eye, literally. Inside it, the interior of this vehicle is actually more spacious than most would believe, and much of this is actually thanks to the design as opposed to the amount. That is to say, it was designed to maximize the room to aid in driving.

Amazingly controlled and easy to drive, the 2014 Ford Expedition ups the quality of its performance with a V8 that does not let up in terms of power production. This means that you are certain to get the muscle that you need with the mobility to use it.

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