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2013 Ford Flex: Pure Comfort on the Road

Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

If you have heard of “three is a crowd” then let Ford change your mind with seven is a crowd with the all-new 2013 Ford Flex that comfortably seats seven people. A vehicle that has put big into a whole new level the 2013 Ford Flex is true to the promise of making each journey as comfortable as it gets. Worry no more when you need to travel as a big crowd – perfect for the soccer moms, the outdoor dads and even the outgoing teen – the 2013 Ford Flex can clearly provide enough space for everyone who needs a lift. Size has never been this dramatically improved with the 2013 Ford Flex and its Spacious Seating for Seven and PowerFold 3rd-Row Seat with Tailgate Feature enough proof that relaxed traveling can be achieved.

Everyday driving is definitely made more comfortable with the 2013 Ford Flex and its refrigerated 2nd-row console plus cargo and storage as well as its heated and cooled front seats, both making you at ease each time you travel. And turning your driving experience from regular to unique, the 2013 Ford Flex features its Power-Folding Mirrors, Power-Adjustable Pedals with Memory plus its Powertilt/Telescoping Steering Column all in aid for your driving pleasure.

Running on its 3.5 liter Ti-VCT V6 EcoBoost engine the 2013 Ford Flex pushes you on the road with power and strength that also prioritizes nature and your money. With high technology that works with versatility on the road the 2013 Ford Flex is also designed to take care of the environment and watch out for your budget.

Turning your driving range and fuel economy from better to best, the 2013 Ford Flex gives you both size on the road and size on your pockets – definitely a vehicle that hands you value for your money.

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2013 Ford Flex: An Expensive Car with an Economic Price

11To own an expensive looking car with an affordable price is not impossible nowadays. Thanks to Ford for introducing us to the 2013 Ford Flex. An expensive looking car but very affordable price in relation to its gas mileage, that’s definitely worth to drive. 2013 Ford Flex can offer you a bold style and a spacious seating. The interior of this vehicle can comfortably seat seven people and you can still have a lot of room to move. An interior ambience that feels like being in a very luxurious car from its leather trimmed seats to unique trimming inside and out. You can also have a very versatile Vista roof and enjoy the feeling of being outdoors.

The comfort that the Flex can offer is one of the best in the market. It has a Powerfold 3rd-row seat allowing you with just a touch of a button to have an extra space to suit your need. It also offers a refrigerated 2nd row console that will be best for times when you are on a long drive or stuck in traffic and needed something cold and fresh.

The technology that 2013 Ford Flex gives is like no other – a 3.5 Engine with a good gas mileage both within the city or hwy. A navigation system, GPS and the very best SYNC with MyFord Touch that is voice activated so you can keep your eyes on the road while listening to the new or anything that you may like. It features a hands-free calling which is convenient for not missing any calls or text and, last but not the least, the 911 assist that will be there for you when you needed it the most.

2013 Ford Flex is how a high end vehicle should look and feel like without breaking every penny that you have.

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2013 Ford Flex: Your Versatile Road Partner

28There are many times when you should show a little dominance when dealing with certain matters, but probably one of the best means of doing so would be the kind of vehicle you are driving at the time that totally shows some muscle worthy of flexing. This trait can be found in a number of models that have muscle and size as their main points of selling, though they vary in both respects as well as in the price. But for a model that balances them all out, the 2013 Ford Flex provides some nice aspects that really bring the game.

In sheer size alone, the 2013 Ford Flex carves a pretty impressive portion for itself in the world of vehicles, but you would be mistaken if you think that size is all that it can offer. To be sure, you would also be getting plenty of that classy style that gets you to places you want. On top of that, the frame provides some nice security in its impressive and completely reliable property of durability.

In terms of accommodation, the 2013 Ford Flex does not disappoint with a space that passengers will definitely like in that they will not have to worry about how much to bring and which person to leave behind. Of course, there is the comfort that the interior design itself provides along with the excellent materials that makeup the amenities within.

The 3.5L V6 engines are known for giving drivers two things. One is that you will have the kind of power that gets all sorts of things done and the other is that you get efficiency where efficiency is due. Both can be had from the 2013 Ford Flex.

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