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2013 Ford Transit Connect: The Dependable Humped Cargo Van

15Some might look at the 2013 Ford Transit Connect with a puzzled look, maybe even giggle and chortle. And who could blame them? With a humped cargo hold while moving at a very slow speed, the Transit Connect is neither eye-catching nor appealing. But then, that’s because the Transit Connect was really designed for other useful purposes. The 2013 Ford Transit Connect is a utility vehicle created to compete with the cargo van. That humped design of its cargo hold maximizes cargo capacity, giving the Transit Connect 135 ft3of space. You can customize the inside to be able to carry all sorts of objects from grocery items to household appliances. If you’re into animal care, you can even place cages for pet animals that you ferry from their owners to the clinic. All Ford Transit Connect models come with just the basic interior necessities: air-conditioning, an integrated blind-spot mirror, rear privacy glass, adjustable driver seat, cloth upholstery, tilt- telescoping steering wheel, and a 2-speaker radio.

The 2013 Ford Transit Connect is powered by a 2.0L engine that produces 136hp, 128 lbs. of torque at a fuel rating of 21 mpg city/27 mpg highway. The Transit Connect can carry only a payload of up to 1,600 pounds. So despite the huge cargo hold, take care that you don’t go over the limit.

With its weak powertrain, the Transit Connect is best used within city limits. Going beyond 60 mph is quite difficult, so you can just imagine the ride experience should you take the Transit Connect to the super highway. But operating inside the city, the Transit Connect does okay. Handling and maneuvering are quite good. Make sure though, that you don’t bump into low hanging signs and billboards with its hump.

The 2013 Ford Transit Connects costs at least $24,000. It will serve you best as a delivery work van. Bring tools, make deliveries, and carry whatever is needed with the Transit Connect.

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2013 Ford Transit Connect EV: Small But Powerful

30What happens when a truck, car, and van are fused into one without the increase in size? The result would be the new 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV. While we have seen this model out in the market for the past few years, the current model will never fail to impress with its new features, technologies, and capabilities. Its 4-cylinder engine provides it with enough power to go side by side with other cars on the city roads.  The 22/27 city and highway MPG rating is an attractive deal for those who know their car well. Because of its small size, it can maneuver easily in small spaces and traffic congested city roads. There are people who are saying that it needs more horsepower but the fact that it could cruise at 65 MPH easily proves them all wrong.

The biggest use of this car is in the business sector. Its cargo space that can be increased by lowering down the back seats is quite impressive. It could provide at least 129.6 cu. ft. of cargo space which is a good thing for those who have business activities throughout the city. Add the maximum cargo capability of 1600 lbs. and we now have a perfect business utility vehicle.

Luckily, Ford has made connections with the industry entities that supply car appearance modification supplies. Getting a new 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV transformed into a company vehicle could be easy with those stickers and other customization packages from Ford’s industry partners.

Inside the unit, we can easily see that the priority for roominess is dominant. Of course, buyers would want a car like this not for its looks but for the functionality and cargo carrying capacity. It could seat up to 5 persons but this would be reduced if more space for utilities is needed. The sound system is quite good too.

To sum it up, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV is a vehicle that is cheap to buy, cheap to operate, and easy to repair car-truck. The starting price for this car is already an attractive deal that many business owners would be happy with.

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Great electric work vehicle, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV

37Many might laugh at the appearance of the Ford Transit Connect EV with its weird looking hump. But the Transit Connect is a great vehicle to use. That tortoise shell design gives you a lot of cargo space inside. Plus, it runs on electricity which makes it a green vehicle and a great fuel-saver. That’s why Ford brought in a new model this year, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV. Almost identical to last year is the powertrain of the 2013 Transit Connect EV. It is an electric motor that generates up to 78hp and 117 lbs. of torque. The electric motor has a 28-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that allows it a maximum range of eighty miles on a full charge, with a top speed of 75 mph. Charging time is 6-8 hours on a 240V outlet; double the charging time if on a 120V outlet.

The 2013 Ford Transit Connect has a cargo space of 135 ft3, and able to carry up to 1,600 lbs. With that, you could put it to good use as perhaps a delivery or repair vehicle. You can put all your goods, tools and other objects inside. It has two sliding doors which allow easy loading and unloading. And because the Transit Connect runs on electricity, it is relatively quiet. Plus it is easy to park.

The dashboard contains gauges and indicators for probable range and remaining energy left. It has a tilting telescopic steering wheel with a basic stereo system and CD player. An optional bench seat for three passengers can be added.

Standard safety features for the 2013 Transit Connect include dual front and side airbags and AdvanceTrac stability control.

The 2013 Ford Transit Connect is priced for $57,400. Pretty expensive, isn’t it. So put it to good use by using its remarkable features. The Transit Connect is best used for one’s business. It was designed as a work vehicle, and will aid you greatly.

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2013 Ford Transit Connect EV: Delivers Needs At Best

41For most businesses, the2013 Ford Transit Connect EVcould be the only one that can deliver all their daily needs. This electric van can surely tackle all jobs that need to be done efficiently.  The Ford Transit electric van is one of the first electric cargo van invented all over the world. But, it does not end like it was a typical electric van as compared to its batch. Ford made it more than just that. Because, if you look at some of the common electric vans available in the market today, their performance is merely below average, although they are efficient; but that is not the case of the Ford Transit EV. It can meet the performance beyond expectations with sure efficiency. With its liquid cooled 28 kWh lithium-ion battery, it can serve you faster and longer than you anticipated.

This model of electric van is built with a max speed of 75 mph from its 140 horsepower and 215 pound-feet of torque. If you are inside the van, you will never feel that you are actually inside a cargo van. It has a very smooth sit surface, an air condition and audio system fitted with Radio/CD/Mp3 capabilities. This will surely maximize your driving experience while driving long roads.

Now, if you ask about the safety capabilities of this electric van, of course, Ford will never forget that cargo van driver’s priority are their safeties since they are taking very long drives that are more prone to accidents.

You can definitely feel at ease with its six airbags that includes on the driver’s front, the front passenger front and at every sides of the van. It has also a tire pressure monitoring system, rear sensing alarm system, stability and traction control, 4-wheel ABS and a collapsible steering column. And to complete your 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV protection, you can also have the option to add a rear view camera if you like.

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