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Ford Adds 1,550 Jobs to Meet High Demand of 2015 F-150


Ford Motor Company has added 1,550 jobs to meet the high demand for the 2015 F-150. After an insanely strong month of sales in January, Ford set out to add more jobs to support production of the all-new F-150. This January the F-Series saw the best sales month since 2004, where the 2015 F-150 had a sitting time of just 12 days on dealer lots and quickly became the Ford vehicle with the fastest turnover time ever.

On February 5th, Ford announced that they would be adding 1,550 jobs to the Kansas City Assembly, Dearborn Stamping, Dearborn Diversified, and Sterling Axle facilities to meet the high demand for the 2015 F-150. The new jobs will be added during the first quarter of 2015, helping Ford reach an entry-level allowance outlined in the 2011 UAW-Ford collective bargaining agreement. As a result of this, the first 300 to 500 “new traditional” employees will transition from their entry-level wage to a higher hourly wage.

The 1,550 jobs will be split amongst the four facilities with 900 being allocated to Kansas City Assembly, 500 will be split between Dearborn Stamping and Dearborn Diversified, and 150 will go to Sterling Axle. Ford Motor Company is thrilled that the demand for the toughest, smartest, and most capable F-150 has allowed them to provide more jobs within communities around the country.

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