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2014 Ford E-Series Wagon: Bring Everyone, Everything, Bring It All!


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For those in need of a vehicle that can accommodate a really large group of people, Ford brings you again its cargo van – the 2014 Ford E-Series Wagon. The 2014 Ford E-Series wagon is Ford’s full-sized van; able to accommodate a maximum of twelve passengers. Choose between the E-150 and the E-350, with the E-350 much longer by several inches. It also is the one who can accommodate more room and more cargo. The E-150 has a cargo capacity of 237 ft3while the E-350 has a cargo capacity of 275 ft3.

Both the E-150 and the E-350 of the 2014 Ford E-Series wagon has two trim levels – XL and XLT. Every model comes with standard interior features like front air-conditioning, vinyl upholstery, manual locks and windows, a tilt-steering wheel, and a 6-speaker AM/FM audio system.

The XLT trim adds features like cloth upholstery, carpeting, additional rear air-conditioning, cruise control, power accessories, plus a CD player and auxiliary audio jack for the audio system. You can also add the optional Premium Package which adds leather-trimmed captain chairs for the second row, a powered driver seat, keyless entry, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and Ford Sync.

Depending on the trim level, the 2014 Ford E-Series wagon offers three different engine choices. For entry-level models, the standard engine is the 4.6L V-8 which produces an output of 225 horsepower and 286 lbs. of torque. The second engine choice is the 5.4L V-8 which produces an output of 255 horsepower and 350 lbs. of torque. The third and strongest engine choice, available on the E-350, is the 6.8L V-10 which produces an output of 305 horsepower and 420 lbs. of torque.

On the road, critics say the 2014 Ford E-Series wagon can be cumbersome and heavy to drive. With its size and length, this is pretty understandable. But then considering it can carry many people and cargo in one trip, that’s enough merit to consider the E-Series wagon.

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