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2014 Ford Escape: Treat Yourself to That Getaway


Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

There might be things in life that you will need to give up on if you are to keep the things that you already have such as that impossible dream that you had when you were a child. However, certain luxuries in life are only too accessible to give up on, especially if you have earned them. To drive the 2014 Ford Escape for example is achievable, and working hard to do so makes it worth it. You have to treat yourself to some of the nicer things in life after all, and the nice things that also offer convenience are even better. For some of the best reasons for why this vehicle would make for a great partner on the road, here are the features that make it shine.

For sheer satisfaction, the exterior of the 2014 Ford Escape does a good job of highlighting the effects of a nice-looking vehicle to self-esteem. Having the chiseled features of the body and the nicely shaped form of this vehicle on your side really does a number on your happiness. Plus, the advantages to driving are also present, which can only add to the awesomeness you feel.

Within is where you will find the most amount of satisfaction with the 2014 Ford Escape though, as you will find the space, design and materials working towards your advantage. You are accommodated and welcomed while driving is given extra special attention in terms of where the amenities are placed. Plus, there is the overall effect of a vehicle of luxury.

With I-4 line of engines that you can have when you buy the 2014 Ford Escape, driving is efficiently easy and powerfully satisfying. The cost of consumption is barely an issue to think about and driving is always easy with the muscle that is available to you.

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