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2014 Ford Focus ST: Live Life to the Fullest


Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

Why should you settle for anything less, when you have the option to pick the best? Just like in the case of cars, you should pick the hottest and the best if you have the budget to spend. It will always be quality over quantity. The time and the effort, not to mention the stress, that you will be spending on the car that will not be able to reach your expectation is heavier than the price of the car that can give you what you need. The 2014 Ford Focus ST is definitely not a model of mediocrity. If you want to live life to the fullest by worrying less about your driving experience, then you should choose this car. It is a perfect combination of good looks and unbelievable performance.

It has a bold design that makes it look like it belongs to the future. It has a very sleek structure and the tiny details are well-crafted to give it an amazing overall external appeal.

It is already a masterpiece on the outside but what’s under the hood is even more incredible. The 2014 Ford Focus ST is equipped with the EcoBoost engine paired with the 6-speed manual transmission. These allow powerful performance with maximum fuel efficiency and reliability. It is also finely tuned because of its specialized suspension mechanism and highly-efficient brakes.

The 2014 Ford Focus ST also boasts of a classic interior design. Custom designed seats are very comfortable and they have cushion tilt with length adjustment that brings much convenience to the driver and passengers. It also has very unique sport gauges so you can feel it power and the amazing riding experience like you are driving in the fast lane.

If you are planning to buy a new car anytime soon, the 2014 Ford Focus ST is really worth your consideration. With it, you will have fewer worries in driving. This way you can keep on living life to the fullest like you always want to.

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