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2014 Ford Expedition: A Reliable Provider of Power and Conveniences


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For big families who are always on the road for vacations and pleasure trips, having a car that could seat enough people and be powerful enough to haul their gear is a true necessity. The good thing is that Ford has the right solution. This is through their newly released 2014 Ford Expedition. The kind of attention that this specific full-sized SUV have gained in the past is difficult to just set aside. People loved its power, capacity to offer lots of space, and the availability of comfort features. This year, the recently released model has all the much loved features retained. While there are lots of competitors in this category, this specific Ford SUV appears to be a strong contender against other full-sized SUVs out in the market.

The new 2014 Ford Expedition is definitely longer and wider. It has added around 15 inches to its length and 12 inches to the wheel base. While this may seem to be a thing that would give the car disadvantage in terms of handling, it proved to defy the odds. Because of this change, the car is able to accommodate more cargo space. Of course, its center of gravity has become more stable too which is a good thing for a road powerhouse weighing 6,000 pounds.

How powerful is this Ford SUV? In terms of passenger capacity, it could comfortably seat 8 adults. For towing, one will really be impressed at its towing capacity of 9,000 pounds. This is the result of the presence of a 310 HP 5.4L V8 engine under the hood which has a maximum torque output of 365 lb.-ft.

On the inside, it will be apparent that the contemporary design is dominant. The ambiance is totally matched for those who want to last through those long road trips. Seats are comfortable and the third row folds neatly to reveal additional cargo space. One of the selling points of the interior is the presence of heated/cooled front seats.

There are still many things worth exploring about the new 2014 Ford Expedition if you are really interested in owning a full-sized SUV. The King Ranch version of this car is the one that should really be checked out when you visit your local Ford dealer’s showroom. Get it out on the driving range and see how it would match your needs!

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