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2014 Ford Fusion Energi SE: A Greater Type of Hybrid

Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana Available in Los Angeles at Sunrise Ford of Fontana

Among hybrids, reaching the 40 MPG rating is an achievement that is already considered as a big thing. However, what if this mileage is doubled or even tripled? The good news is that when it comes to this matter, the new 2014 Ford Fusion Energi SE might just be the perfect car for you to choose. It is a hybrid that has surpassed the Fusion Hybrid SE in terms of mileage, performance, and handling on the road. Under its hood, we should expect to see a 2 liter gas engine that has been paired with an electric motor. It is able to put out a combined power of 195 HP which exceeds of course the Ford Hybrid SE. This electric motor gets its juice from the lithium-ion battery pack which is visibly larger than the one that we have seen previously.

Due to the special CVT system that has been integrated into the powertrain, it has an improved capability of reaching desired levels of speeds from. The 2014 Ford Fusion Energi SE is capable of a 0 to 60 MPH run in just 8 seconds. This is something that you will not normally expect in a hybrid car. Its mileage rating of 108/92 MPG is hard to beat in the category of hybrids.

The gas engine kicks up once the juice of the battery has been used up and the 21 mile range has been achieved. By charging it for 2.5 hours per day on 240-V outlet, you can really save at least half a gallon of fuel if your regular road travels take less than 60 miles daily.

Once you come inside this Ford car, you will be amazed at the wealth of tech, luxury, and safety features that are found there. Keyless entry, remote ignition, voice activated MyFord with SYNC, heated seats and steering wheel, and many more are standard features on this Ford hybrid. Yes, you will have to spend more on this car. The starting MSRP has been seen at $38,700 which is several notches up the price of a Ford Hybrid SE. No matter what the case may be, the advantages and benefits that you will get could eventually justify the amount that you will use to buy this car.

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