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2013 Ford Super Duty: A Strong and Well-Rounded Pickup

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For 2013, Ford brings back the F-250 Super Duty with amazing functionality and utility. This vehicle has always been considered a great utilitarian ever since but what caught our attention more is the fact that Ford made a few tweaks here and there to make this vehicle the strongest and most well-rounded pickup today. This should really come as no surprise because Ford has always been competing with their selves, which is a good thing. They are constantly developing and releasing new vehicles that seem to outdo the previous one. For all these, the automotive market consumers should be ecstatically happy.

We have always known the Ford Super Duty to be a strong vehicle. This is one of the well-loved traits of this heavy-duty pickup truck. But for 2013, Ford claims that Super Duty just got stronger with more reliable brakes, towing capabilities, and of course the payload capacities.

By merely looking at the 2013 Ford Super Duty, it still looks smaller than the other heavy-duty pickup trucks but then size would not be such a big thing because of all its great features. This vehicle truly offers one of the best-rounded packages in the pickup industry today.

More than all these amazing features, Ford added the MyFord Touch, which is an incredibly great tool that anyone can benefit from. Ford also releases a Platinum trim level for those who want their heavy-duty pickup to be ultra plush as well.

We love the variety of trim levels that the 2013 Ford Super Duty offers. Consumers greatly benefit as they can choose the trim level perfect for their needs and budget. The XL is favored by workers as it is considered the workhorse among all the trim levels.  The XLT just adds up some high technology features like keyless entry and full power accessories. This level also boasts of some plush qualities like having full carpet flooring and cloth upholstery.

Lariat and King Ranch also boasts of high technology features but if you want ultra-plush comfort and amenities, the top-of-the-line Platinum trim level will be the one to satisfy you.

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