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2013 Ford Expedition: It’s Not Just The Size That Stands Out

10Deemed as a large SUV the 2013 Ford Expedition is not only big on size, it is also big in performance, convenience, safety and ease on the road. Yes, for very obvious reasons the 2013 Ford Expeditions’three-row feature is what captures many consumers but it is not only its size that captives and keeps you hooked on this big baby. Capable of unquestionably smooth driving conditions each time you hit the road, the 2013 Ford Expedition credits this to its exceptional level of transmission and shifting features that it is designed to pull off every time you turn the engine. Running on a six speed automatic transmission with a V8 engine the 2013 Ford Expedition can definitely create impressionable power that can suffice and even exceed the expectations of consumers out there.

Aside from an excellent performance, expect that the 2013 Ford Expedition also provides you with excellent value for your money every time you drive. With its 20 miles per gallon highway drive range and 14 miles per gallon city drive range the 2013 Ford Expedition is definitely the utility vehicle that can convince you to go big on the road.

And as if fuel economy is not enough to boost your money’s worth, the 2013 Ford Expedition is considered to be and is actually ranked one of the most affordable vehicles out there in the market. A vehicle that is big on size and performance but is not tough on your budget, the 2013 Ford Expedition really provides you with enough reasons to pick it over other vehicles in the market.

Affordability, performance and comfort are not the only features that keep the 2013 Ford Expedition one of the best out there, its safety, reliability and power on the road also prove it to be a big vehicle with big capacity.

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