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Experience Road Freedom with the 2013 Ford Escape

32For a lot of people, driving out into the open road, gliding through the dusty paths of the open deserts or climbing up the precarious edges of mountain trails are their methods of escape from the pressures of everyday life, and such an escape requires extremely reliable vehicles. There are certainly a lot of models to choose from out there, so that in itself is not a problem. However, if you really want the best for the best, then you are going to have to find something like the 2013 Ford Escape. Since unwinding means going on adventure trips for certain people, a vehicle that can handle the task from looks to performance is needed and the Escape has it all. Simply seeing the exterior design of this awesome SUV will inspire confidence even in the most timid of souls to try and conquer the highest mountains. The flowing and smart design also fits the everyday adventures that keeps people within the vicinity of the city, so just take your pick.

If the exterior of the Escape is going to have any lasting effect at all, the interior must follow up with its own brand of brilliance and it does. Simply the act of sitting inside the Escape with its suitably calming ambiance will temper passion with discretion. The comfortable seating covers, spacious interior room and awesome music system does not harm the overall results either.

Despite the fact that the Escape can provide plenty of power and speed if you need it, it is actually quite friendly to the environment. Nasty emission is in very low levels and fuel consumption is very efficient.

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