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Great electric work vehicle, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV

37Many might laugh at the appearance of the Ford Transit Connect EV with its weird looking hump. But the Transit Connect is a great vehicle to use. That tortoise shell design gives you a lot of cargo space inside. Plus, it runs on electricity which makes it a green vehicle and a great fuel-saver. That’s why Ford brought in a new model this year, the 2013 Ford Transit Connect EV. Almost identical to last year is the powertrain of the 2013 Transit Connect EV. It is an electric motor that generates up to 78hp and 117 lbs. of torque. The electric motor has a 28-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that allows it a maximum range of eighty miles on a full charge, with a top speed of 75 mph. Charging time is 6-8 hours on a 240V outlet; double the charging time if on a 120V outlet.

The 2013 Ford Transit Connect has a cargo space of 135 ft3, and able to carry up to 1,600 lbs. With that, you could put it to good use as perhaps a delivery or repair vehicle. You can put all your goods, tools and other objects inside. It has two sliding doors which allow easy loading and unloading. And because the Transit Connect runs on electricity, it is relatively quiet. Plus it is easy to park.

The dashboard contains gauges and indicators for probable range and remaining energy left. It has a tilting telescopic steering wheel with a basic stereo system and CD player. An optional bench seat for three passengers can be added.

Standard safety features for the 2013 Transit Connect include dual front and side airbags and AdvanceTrac stability control.

The 2013 Ford Transit Connect is priced for $57,400. Pretty expensive, isn’t it. So put it to good use by using its remarkable features. The Transit Connect is best used for one’s business. It was designed as a work vehicle, and will aid you greatly.

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