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2013 Ford Fiesta: Impresses With Looks and Performance

38From among the subcompact cars in the market today, it is a sure thing that the 2013 Ford Fiesta would take the top spot. Generally, it is not that expensive and could pull out that impressive mileage rating that would leave behind others like it today. It is designed to make driving fun without the need to sacrifice some details that were once loved in the models that came before it.  It is easy to spot a 2013 Ford Fiesta from a crowd of cars with its stylish design and well-defined lines. Obviously, the designers of this model want it to be a head turner on the road.

The 1.6L Ti-VCT Duratec I-4 engine powers the 2013 Ford Fiesta.  It is nothing out of the ordinary but could be reliable for those extended trips. The good thing is that buyers could choose to equip their units with the available Super Fuel Economy (SFE) Package.  With this incorporated to the car, a 40 MPG mileage could be achieved. It is way better than its maximum rating for the cars released for the previous years.

Even if space is an issue inside the 2013 Ford Fiesta, it effectively makes up for it through the technologies and amenities that have been provided. A tech geek or even a simple entertainment system lover would surely feel at home once inside this car.

Probably the newest and most exciting addition to the technologies inside the 2013 Ford Fiesta is the Moon & Mood Manual Package.  The mood of every single trip could be set or determined by the installed package. It could even choose the kind of music that would perfectly fit the ambiance of the car.

The optional packages that could boost up some features of this car are readily available. If you are looking for a car that you could show off then the 2013 Ford Fiesta would be perfect.

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